My name is Loret and I am not a botanist, just a native plant enthusiast located in a rural section of Central Florida.  I am a member of the Pine Lily Chapter of the Florida Native Plant Society.

This blog is not all inclusive.  It is designed to show the various species that reside on a single acre in East Osceola County, FL.  All photos are taken of species in my garden within one day to two weeks of posting, thus the quality of the photo is not always top notch, but is an actual depiction of the flower as it blooms at the time of the current season.

Most are naturally occuring, but some have been added, purchased from a local Native Plant Nursery or shared with fellow FNPS members.

I use the Institute for Systematic Botany’s “Atlas of Florida Vascular Plants”  as the authority to determine scientific and common names, as well as nativity of the plants to the State of Florida.

While hopefully I have determined the proper species, comments and corrections are always encouraged and appreciated.

  1. Thanks so much for this wonderful site. I am sharing it in my group on facebook.. “Native Florida Plants”. I credit you, of course each time. Your site is just awesome, with all the information and photos.. Thanks so much..

  2. What a find!! I love your site! I am always looking for the name of a flower I have recently photographed, If I use your site to identify one I will be sure to give you credit 🙂

  3. Prem said:

    Hi Loret,
    if you ever need photographs or other source material for Florida native orchids and their bloom times from my web site, I would be happy to provide them for you. My website is

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